Episode 18: The Hat Theory

May 6, 2018

Max and Coco throw axes in Northeast Minneapolis. They drink alcohol and toast their incremental successes and educational failures. They discuss how they determine the next steps once they have written something. Finally, they discuss how being creative has forced them to be very, very tidy, and how this has started to change their lives.


Episode 17: The Many Jobs of Clint Howard

April 25, 2018

Max and Coco have been busy, between doing a lot of writing, a freak April blizzard, and telling tall tales about lumberjacks and Clint Howard. Coco also discusses a trashy 50s novel about lumberjacking called Logging Chance.


Episode 16: The Retreat

April 11, 2018

Max and Coco do their own version of a corporate retreat, involving a lot of field trips, including the Pavek Museum, where they discover a Minnesota version of the Grand Ol' Opry, the former Kay Bank studio, where Dave Dudley recorded "Six Days on the Road," an exhibit of Prince fan art, and an indoor restaurant designed to look like a trailer park ringed by food trucks.


Episode 15: The Plate

March 31, 2018

Max and Coco discuss fashion, why Max had a decorative plate inscribed with "Quantity and Persistence," and how they have been elaborating and expanding on their list of ideas for creative projects.


Episode 14: How We Got Here

March 13, 2018

Coco discusses some vintage cowboy-themed arcade contraptions in San Francisco. Max and Coco discuss previous times where they decided they would start writing professionally and how it happened. An update about some successes.


Episode 13: Bean Bag Log Lady

March 2, 2018

Max and Coco visit a Twin Peaks pop up, discuss a piece of Western art and the work of contemporary Native artist Julie Buffalohead. Max explains uploading plays and screenplays to various digital sites, including The Playwrights Center, New Play Exchange, and FilmFreeway. Max and Coco talk about writing a werewolf gunslinger movie and the need to respect your premise, no matter how silly.


Episode 12: Georgia Peach

February 13, 2018

Max and Coco sample cowboy leamonade, discuss winning the The Susan Glaspell Short Play Award, and talk about how submitting your work to publishers ends up being a battle with the self.


Episode 11: Polka Fun Time

January 29, 2018

Max and Coco go to a polka event in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. What it's like completing a list of 100 creative ideas. How blogging and vlogging can lead to professional opportunities.


Episode 10: Take the Hotdish

January 15, 2018

Max and Coco eat some bison, discuss creating a calendar of upcoming writing submissions, talk about the issue of privilege in the writing community, and have a long Minnesota goodbye.


Episode 9: Like Miners Panning for Gold

January 4, 2018

Max and Coco discuss their scheme to take over the world using country- and cowboy-themed creative work.