Episode 25: Spite is Jet Fuel

July 19, 2018

Max and Coco discuss whether or not there is Minnesota-style pizza and also discuss how they motivate, or fail to motivate, themselves to do creative work (mostly spite).


Episode 24: Our dog Loves Prince

July 4, 2018

Max and Coco attend a wild movie screening, discuss how they interrogate their own writing, talk about learning to love rejection, and discover their dog loves Prince.


Episode 23: 23 Screenplays

June 21, 2018

Max and Coco visit two iconic Minneapolis sites, Dave's Popcorn and Matt's, home of the Jucy Lucy. They also discuss the free and eye-opening education they received in Hollywood and the development of The Mill, their process for taking creative ideas and turning them into completed works.  


Episode 22: Liz Brasher

June 11, 2018

Max and Coco interview R&B, soul, rock, and Americana recording artist Liz Brasher in a somewhat noisy Irish pub in Minneapolis.


Episode 21: A Secret Seed Art Picture

June 4, 2018

Max and Coco discuss a couple of Twin Cities secrets, what it is like to revisit old writing, and why it is important to be able to say no to bad projects and know that good ones are on their way.


Episode 20: Lee Blessing

June 1, 2018

Max and Coco interview playwright Lee Blessing, a fellow Minneapolitan, author of 40-some-odd plays, and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.


Episode 19: Where are You Taking Me, Sulis?

May 22, 2018

Max and Coco discuss changing the name of the podcast to Wild North Creative, as well as discuss courses in creativity that they are starting offer. And then it's off to Bath, England, where Max lived when he was 10. The two explore Stonehenge, the Roman Baths, and the weird, pagan history lurking under every cobblestone.


Episode 18: The Hat Theory

May 6, 2018

Max and Coco throw axes in Northeast Minneapolis. They drink alcohol and toast their incremental successes and educational failures. They discuss how they determine the next steps once they have written something. Finally, they discuss how being creative has forced them to be very, very tidy, and how this has started to change their lives.


Episode 17: The Many Jobs of Clint Howard

April 25, 2018

Max and Coco have been busy, between doing a lot of writing, a freak April blizzard, and telling tall tales about lumberjacks and Clint Howard. Coco also discusses a trashy 50s novel about lumberjacking called Logging Chance.


Episode 16: The Retreat

April 11, 2018

Max and Coco do their own version of a corporate retreat, involving a lot of field trips, including the Pavek Museum, where they discover a Minnesota version of the Grand Ol' Opry, the former Kay Bank studio, where Dave Dudley recorded "Six Days on the Road," an exhibit of Prince fan art, and an indoor restaurant designed to look like a trailer park ringed by food trucks.