Epsiode 3: Chihuahua

July 14, 2017

Max and Courtney discuss Mexican cowboys, including a stroll down Lake Street in Minneapolis, a surprisingly large amount of mezcal, and the 1960 Mexican singing cowboy/space alien movie Ship of Monsters. They also discuss how it is possible to walk into a saddle and tack shop and a year later be performing a singing cowboy show in Omaha.


Episode 2: Gower Gulch

July 4, 2017

Max and Courtney return to their old stomping ground of Hollywood and take a tour of cowboy Los Angeles.


The Wildest West: Horehound

June 12, 2017

The Wildest West looks at the good, the bad, and the WTF of cowboy and country. This episode, hosts Max Sparber and Courtney Mault drink Rock and Rye, sample cowboy candy, visit cowboy-themed attractions at the Mall of America, and discuss the films "Lonesome Cowboys" by Andy Warhol and "Wild Girls of the Naked West" by Russ Meyer.